Spooky Eyes Contact Lenses

Spooky Eyes Contact Lenses

Hey hey hey! I promised that I’d be back soon to write about a few products I’ve been sent in the last week and here I am.

Today I’ve been wearing a pair of Colored Contact Lenses from Spooky Eyes. They sent me a pair of White Manson Lenses which give a really awesome creepy effect.

I look like an extra from The Walking Dead… minus the bloodstains and gore.

The lenses arrived in this nice neat little package, and were hygienically sealed in individual blister packs inside.

spooky eyes review 5

Now, despite the fact I’ve worn glasses for over a decade, I’ve never tried to wear contact lenses. This is only the second time I’ve ever tried to put them in, but luckily for me the inside of the packet has concise and easy instructions on how to insert, remove and properly clean the lenses.

Yes, it took me two or three goes to get the lenses in (I defy anybody not used to it to not blink when you’re about to stick your finger in your eye), but they’re made of a very soft and pliable material and, once properly settled over the iris, cause pretty much no discomfort at all.

spooky eyes review 8

As instructed on the packet, the lenses should be inserted before any makeup is applied, to avoid trapping any mascara/eyeliner/shadow etc under the lense and potentially damaging your eyes.

NB: ALWAYS wash hands (with soap!) and dry with a clean towel before inserting or removing any contact lenses. Eye infections are not cool.

As you can see from the photo, the colour’s on the SpookyEyes lenses are super vivid and add a dramatic difference from your normal eye colour. The Manson Lenses also come in a wide range of colours, from blues and greens to reds and oranges, and I’m pretty sure all will give the colour-popping contrast from your natural eye colour that the white does.

Once I had the lenses in (which took a few attempts but less than 10 minutes) my eyes adjusted quickly and I had no problem applying makeup whilst wearing them.

spooky eyes review 6

 I wore the lenses for about an hour – just chilling out round the house, watching tv – and I had no vision troubles and almost forgot I was wearing them (I kept catching my reflection and doing double-takes). I took them out before going to dye my hair, and it took me literally seconds – a quick pinch with my forefinger and thumb and they popped right out.

When I knew I was getting sent these lenses I picked up a cheap contact lense case and some solution to store them in – total came to about £3.50 for the two items. If you store SpookyEyes lenses correctly in this way, they last for up to 12 months – which is excellent value for the £20.30/$28.95/€21.20 that these Manson Lenses costs.

I really hope I get invited to some fancy dress parties this year, as I’m going to find as many costumes with white lenses as possible – and I will definitely be buying any future lenses from the wide range available at SpookyEyes.

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